Oh My Girl Arin Made Fans Speechless With Her Singing Ability

The MR Remove of Oh My Girl recent stage has made fans angry with Arin

When it comes to female idols with controversial singing ability in the 3rd generation idol group, Arin (Oh My Girl) is probably one of the first faces mentioned by the Korean online community. While the majority of Oh My Girl members are highly appreciated for their talent, Arin is a rare case in the group that is criticized by the audience for her ability to sing live.

Possessing a pure, innocent look that is loved by Koreans, Arin is a female idol that is beloved by Korean Netizen. However, Oh My Girl’s maknae’s ability once again caused a stir when netizens saw an MR Removed video of the girl group from WM Entertainment during their most recent promotion with the song “Dun Dun Dance”.

In this MR Removed version, it can be seen that Arin is the only member who cannot hear the live vocals in the whole song, even though her line is the least of the group. In contrast to the maknae, the other 6 members of Oh My Girl all sing loud, clear and steady.

In the comment section as well as posts discussing Arin’s voice on online forums, Netizens pointed out the shortcomings of Arin’s performance and attitude, when placed next to the other members. Many argue that the situation has been mentioned alot of time before, but fans haven’t seen any improvent from the female idol. Also, the fandom of Oh My Girl is still trying to defend their idols regardless of the fact.

“Huh?? As a singer who refuses to open her mouth to sing, the audience doesn’t criticize her harshly or anything, but just gives her honest opinion?? Your voice color is very beautiful, but the truth is that Arin sings too much. bad…”

“Sorry Arin fans, but if you judge coldly, Arin won’t practice at all. When ‘Nonstop’ was criticized like this, fans said that because Arin’s voice is too small, that’s why he defends it. with the reason that she has already started her own training and asked the audience to wait and see.. But after 1 year Oh My Girl made a comeback, Arin’s ability is no different now than it was then.. .?”

“She will never sing properly. Because her singing ability is so bad”

“I’m so fed up with Miralce’s (Oh My Girl’s fandom name) way of covering up”

“We don’t know how to sing the same, but Jang Wonyoung was criticized a lot, and Arin wasn’t even criticized but just commented, but fans kept covering up. TWICE also received a lot of criticism. there”

“It’s not that different from Dahyun, but Arin’s fans are so defensive ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“TWICE is being criticized ㅋㅋㅋㅋ while Arin and Jiho are serious too;; It’s at the level of deafness I wonder if it’s because they’re visual members that’s why”

“Even if I sing, the volume is so low that I can’t hear anything…… It sounds like a whisper ㅠㅠㅠ”

“Arin = Momo. Dahyun = Jang Wonyoung = Shuhua. I can’t understand how these kids can become idols”

“When are you going to practice. It’s been 7 years since I’ve been an idol….”

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