Even Momo Is Tired With How JYP Promote TWICE

A JYP Tradition is hated by fans and even the company artist

One of the indispensable parts before the comeback of every K-pop artist is the release of the MV Teaser. An MV Teaser is usually very short, and only reveal a small part of the song so that people will want to see the full version.

However, for JYP Entertainment, they did the opposite and made the fans extremely angry. JYP’s teasers will often reveal the most important parts of the song: Sometimes showing fans the dance break, sometimes showing the chorus. It is for this reason that the group’s teasers do not make the public curious and reduce the excitement before each comeback season. The biggest victim for this kind of promotion from JYP is TWICE.

In the near future, TWICE will have a comeback with the title song ‘Alcohol-Free’ and is currently in the process of gradually releasing teaser photos and videos. Many fans began to remember JYP’s ‘bizarre tradition’ with teasers and prayed that the company would not repeat this again. Even Momo mentioned this in her Vlive broadcast on the evening of 6/6

During the live, a fan asked Momo if she could spoil the plot of ‘Penthouse’ and the female idol strongly objected to this. Momo then said that she had the same feeling when watching TWICE’s teasers. The female idol complains that sometimes the teasers reveal too much in the official MV that it reduce the exitement for the viewers.

I had the same feeling when I saw our group’s teaser. There are times when TWICE’s MV teaser reveals too much, like the group’s choreography and every other detail. I wonder if it’s okay to spoil like that? Doesn’t that make it less interesting to watch the full MV?’

After listening to Momo’s confession, fans also agreed that JYP must definitely abandon this tradition’. Not only fans but even artists don’t like it when this company does this.

Do you agree with Momo?

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