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Netizen Reaction To The Relationship Of TWICE Momo And Super Junior Heechul Being Mentioned On Knowing Bors

Fans are not excited with the fact that Momo is being mentioned

In January 2020, Heechul (Super Junior) and Momo (TWICE) surprised when publicly dating. Although the couple has a 13-year age gap before, the dating news was revealed once, but it was only at the beginning of last year that SM and JYP confirmed the news.

After a period of silence, recently, Heechul and Momo’s dating story has become a controversial topic of Knet. Specifically, the June 5 broadcast of the show ‘Knowing Bros’ is a special episode set in the dormitory. Specifically, the cast will move into rooms designed to look like they are in a dorm and then come up with rules that the members will have to follow when living together.

While creating the ‘rule of living in the dorm’ together, Shindong (Super Junior) suggested, “We have to go out to receive some private phone calls”. Min Kyung Hoon then looked at Heechul and jokingly said, ‘Let’s not invite girlfriends either.’

At that time, Shindong intentionally teased Heechul: ‘You won’t invite her, right?’ Heechul was startled a bit and stammered: ‘I… I…’ and ended the matter there.

For many people this is just a joke with no negative intentions, but for many netizens and fans of Heechul and Momo, this is annoying. Accordingly, because both are Kpop idols, this will affect their image, especially when TWICE is still a famous Kpop girl group.

Some people criticized Heechul for constantly letting his girlfriend Momo get taken out as a joke on the show. Others defended Heechul, saying it wasn’t his fault this time because he didn’t mention it first. They think that a part of TWICE and Knet fans are too sensitive when in fact Momo’s name is not mentioned in the story.

I really hate this! Please stop mentioning Momo!

Momo ah, please break up with this person!

Well, they’ve known each other longer than I thought.

Momo is still an active female idol, can you think about her girlfriend?

TWICE is still doing well but being told about love stories like that forever will negatively affect their image

-Heechul should at least do something to protect his girlfriend. How many times has their dating been mentioned on the air.

I don’t like Kim Heechul, but this is Min Kyung Hoon and Shindong’s fault.

Well, this is the kind of karma that Heechul has to receive for making fun of others… ‘Knowing Brothers’ is a show that makes a living by making fun of each other, mocking each other’s weaknesses, and Kim Heechul is the show. center of these cases.

Is he still dating Momo? Why does he always mention his girlfriend?

How are the people here? Is it Heechul’s fault? It’s the cast that said it first.

Your girlfriend is a famous female idol, protect her, Heechul-ah!!!

Heechul has no right to ask the show to edit this and that so stop criticizing him. No one mentioned Momo’s name directly either.

Those people who harm Momo are those people who brought up her name and made a big deal out of it but Heechul didn’t say anything It’s embarrassing!!

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