The First Members To Be Revealed By SM Shows The Company’s Confidence

SM artist has always been known for their popularity

SM Entrtainment Artist are known for their visual and popularity since debut. Recently, a collection of SM idols has been mentioned by Korean netizens, which include the first members to be announced by SM every time the company launches a rookie group.

Every time SM reveals a new debut project, the online community can’t help but wait with excitement for the full lineup to be announced. The first member introduced in the individual teaser series is also always considered an important factor in shaping the audience’s impression of the group.

Here are the list of the first member introduced by SM entertainment over the year:

2007 – SNSD Yoona

2009 – F(x) Sulli

2011 – EXO Kai

2014 – Seulgi

2016 – NCT Mark

2020 – Aespa Winter

Looking at the list above, many netizens believe that the first member introduced in the group clearly shows SM’s confidence in the idol group they will debut. In fact, most of the idols mentioned above are the “trumps” of each group, some have even become the top visuals of an entire generation of idols, and they certainly have their own popularity. high profile in the fan community.

SM Rookie Taeyong

“I think SM will choose the member they think can become popular among SM fans to introduce first”

“The first introduced member is also the one who establishes the overall image of the group”

“When the first member of a rookie group from SM was revealed, I felt even more hopeful about their debut”

“Yoona and Suli… Their visuals are crazy”

“Yoona and Kai are really the ones that make me fall in love first when it comes to their groups”

“When Taeyong was first introduced to SM ROOKIES, I knew early on that SM would have a very bright future”

“Seulgi really has a very special and unique face”

“All the members here give off a very mysterious feeling except for Mark”

“I used to wonder who was the first member to be announced in EXO, it turned out to be Kai. The first member is like a brand identity for each group.”

“The first time I saw Yoona, obviously there are still a lot of beautiful celebrities out there but I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a girl who looks exactly like an innocent cartoon character. Poetry like Yoona, so I fell for Yoona right away”

“I became a fan of f(x) because of that picture of Sulli”

“Yoona is a legend”

“Admittedly, they are both the trump card of the group”

“Don’t they usually choose the member they feel most confident (?) to announce first? That way the audience’s expectations will increase even more”

“Everyone here is the trump card of each group, except Jeno”

“Yoona and Sulli’s influence is amazing”

“With this line-up, SM should be full of confidence ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They’re all trump cards”

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