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Conspiracy Theory: There Is Something Going On Between These ITZY Member

For most Kpop fans, it seems that everyone has a strong belief that their favorite group always has a close and strong relationship. However, internal disunity is completely real, and it happens in many idol groups.

Recently, a post was shared on a korean forum, which tiltle “There is something between Yuna and Chaeryeong”. a Nate Pann User gave “evidence” about the “unusual” relationship between 2 ITZY members.

During Chaeryeong birthday, all the member of ITZY send their happy birthday wishes by posting on Instagram. However, while the other member all share a picture taken with Chaeryeong, only Yuna picture wasn’t found. The photo with the question mark was originally thought by the poster as unknown by which member.

In the case it was actually posted by Yuna, the author argue that it has a different vibes from the times she posted happy birthday photos to the rest of the members. With members like Lia and Yeji, Yuna posted photos of them together, while with Chaeryeong, she posted photos that didn’t show the member’s face, and didn’t have any photos of the two together.

The author of the above article also said that most of the situations on V Live show the “struggling” atmosphere between Yuna and Chaeryeong, or more specifically, Yuna was always wary of Chaeryeong expression. The poster gives examples of the following 2 situations

~Interesting punishment decision time~

Yuna: (Punishment is) Receiving a kiss from Yuna~~

Chaeryeong: (Serious face) I hate that

Yuna: Pumpkin soup like this and that

Chaeryeong: Not soup but porridge!

Yeji, Ryujin: (laughs like crazy) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yuna: (Shy) I know… Sorry…

Lia: What’s wrong? Our Yuna!

The author’s post and “evidence” has caused a great debate, many netizen rejected the “conspiracy theory”, saying that the two ITZY members have many loving moments with each other but (deliberately) are not mentioned. However, there are also people who agree with the above statement and think that Chaeryeong should change her way of talking to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

“What’s so unusual. What do you know if you’ve only seen less than 0.00001 of their moments”

“What to say, out of the units that do V Live, these two appear the most. They even said they feel the most comfortable appearing together..”

“Yuna is the only maknae of the group so Chaeryeong often takes care of her, and Yuna is very grateful for this. Yuna also said that without Chaeryeong, her time alone in the group would have been more. more, and they cried together,

“Admit it, Chaeryeong seems to always feel inferior in front of Yuna”

“Sorry, but I don’t know what you’re trying to say. I just find it ridiculous when you carefully observe the daily lives of artists that have nothing to do with you and then write it down bit by bit. It’s like I’m writing a thesis.. ㅇㅇ Fighting!”

“I’ve seen the video and I honestly don’t like Chaeryeong’s way of talking at all. The members know that too so it seems like they’re trying to take care of Yuna more. The awkward atmosphere, the way Chaeryeong’s talk and expression, no matter how positive she is, you can’t think that these are just jokes.No matter how close she is, she makes the mood arkward. The people around her became completely depressed, and the person who had to hear those words directly would certainly not be happy at all.”

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