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Netizen React To ATEEZ Sans and Wooyoung Matching Tatoos

The fact that the 2 members had matching tattoos surprise many

Fans were totally surprised this past weekend after ATEEZ members Wooyoung and San confirmed that they’ve gotten friendship tattoos!

Previously, fans discover the tatoo on Wooyoung Leg, which spelled out “amicus ad aras”. The Latin phrase translates to “friends until death” or “a friend until the end”.

Base on the meaning of the Tatoos, ATINY quickly assume that it was meant for another member of ATEEZ – San, as fans have long knew about the close friendship between the 2 members. After a period of time, San confirm this over messages sent on the Universe app. When the subject came up, this is what the ATEEZ member had to say:

S: Tattoo with Wooyoung?

S: I don’t regret it ofc ㅎㅎ

S: I can’t look for a friend like this anywhereㅎㅎ

S: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (We) usually bicker with each other too

S: He’s a very precious friend

Both of the ATEEZ members had the tattoo placed on their right thigh, though San has yet to show his to the public. He also commented on the process of getting the tattoo, saying that it was painful to get, but that he was able to endure it, even though Wooyoung was loud and held his hand!

“I would never be able to do something like that… If they’re that close they’re basically family?”

“Hope you guys live happily ever after LOL.”

“This is warming my heart~”

“Who’s gonna stop them? LOL.”

“I’m really envious that they found a friend like that in their life. Even if for some reason their relationship becomes soured somehow, the fact that they once had a friend like that itself would probably still be so precious.”

“That’s cute… I want a friend like that too.”

“I wanna know if there are other idols who have friendship tattoos!”

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