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Netizen Response To EXO’s Lay Appearance In The Group Latest MV

The appearance of Lay has receive mixed reaction

On June 7, EXO had a comeback with a special album to celebrate the group’s 9th anniversary called ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’. Besides, the group also officially released the MV for the title song of the same name, making the fans extremely excited. Accordingly, in this MV, EXO appeared with a 7-member lineup of Xiumin, Chanyeol, Lay, D.O., Baekhyun, Kai, and Sehun.

Accordingly, during the “teasing” for the comeback, SM confirmed that Lay will also promote with EXO members. It is known that during the past time, the male idol only focused on activities in China. It’s been a long time since Lay didn’t really appear in EXO’s music products or content, which made many netizens think he left the group. Regardless, the fandom of EXO – EXO L, still believe that the chinese member will comeback with the group.

Because he couldn’t fly to Korea for personal reasons, Lay was only able to appear in the MV thanks to it. CGI technology. The male idol still has a solo shot and a group shot at the end of the MV with EXO. However, this 7-member lineup has become a hot topic on Theqoo forum, for many reason.

Many felt that the CGI scene were too “Fake”, and it made the MV quality looks really bad. Some Knet left comments mocking SM for trying to insert Lay into EXO’s MV. As a Chinese idol, Lay has been ridicule by many Knets due to political controversies as well as prejudices about SM Chinese idols.

Watching the official MV that I thought was fanmade MV.

What’s the point of trying at all costs to bring him into the MV?

Oh my god, this makes me laugh. As soon as I saw this, I thought they really did that…? Do they need to go this far? And looking at the editor is speechless.

They do it to make people laugh, right? Hilarious!!!

What is the quality of the MV?

Is it necessary to do this? Give this guy a trip back to China!!

Why did they need to go this far to bring him in? It even looks very pretentious.

They really don’t care about EXO’s MV quality?!

No, Lay’s fans don’t even buy regular EXO albums, so why is SM trying to put him in?

SM makes a ton of money from China but can’t invest in EXO’s MVs.

Only Lay is the CGI effect but because the editing is too alum, everyone looks like they’re pretending to follow.

SM can’t let go of any Chinese member no matter what group they’re in.

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