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Shocking scene when BTS x McDonald’s meal set was first sold in Indonesia

Once again, BTS has proven the group’s influence with their latest cooperation.

Originally, according to the expected schedule, the set of meals in Indonesia will be open for sale on June 25. However, before the call from fans, McDonald’s in Indonesia finally decided to open the sale of ‘The BTS Meal’ early on June 9 across the nationwide store system.

With Indonesia still in partial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have turned to on-demand food delivery service Gojek to order. So when ‘The BTS Meal’ went on sale, a lot of people were using Gojek at the same time. This led to McDonald’s stores being flooded with the company’s uniform. Meanwhile, the store employees have to work continuously, and each locality has to send the police to control the situation.

However, because the number of orders is too large. So far, at least 13 stores across Jakarta and other major localities have stopped serving ‘The BTS Meal’ and closed. Many other stores in the system also announce on the app as ‘sold-out’ after only a few hours. Many lndonesia local news has reported on this even.

I suddenly feel so sorry for the store staff, fighting!!

Wow, so they’re open for sale now? Fighting!!!

But this one is so crowded that it’s scary. Oh my God!!

Because of Indonesia’s large population, that’s why.

At first, I thought it was a cut from a movie.

-Why is it like going to war just to deliver food?

BTS is a wall. It’s a city wall!!

Good thing I don’t have to make hamburgers.

This is like a movie scene!!

Wow, Bangtan is amazing!! And the shippers are awesome too!!

Too crowded, so we had to send the police to control. Then the news also sent reporters to the scene to report live.

It’s interesting that everywhere people go crazy about BTS x McDonald’s meal set.

-I thought this was a picture from a McDonald’s promotional video until I saw the actual video…

Are there even policemen there?!!!

McDonald’s employees in our country also lamented because they were working at full capacity. But maybe after watching this, they will think again.

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