Will Hanbin (I-LAND) Debut In Yuehua New BoyGroup?

Fans Believe that Hanbin (I-LAND) will debut soon

On June 2, fans and followers of Former I-LAND Vietnamese trainee Hanbin were extremely surprised by the news that he left Belift Lab (now HYBE) to join Yuehua Entertainment.

Althought Belift Lab along with HYBE is currently a well-known name in the Kpop Industry, they have just launched their new boy group ENHYPEN, and it is extremely difficult for Hanbin to do solo activities in Korea. It is understandble when Hanbin chose a safe route, which is to join a company where his chance of debut is higher.

On June 10, Korean media reported a prediction related to the new boy group Yuehua Entertainment. Specifically, the company just registered the name TEMPEST on June 8.

This is said to be the name of the new boy group from Yuehua, which will include Hanbin, and 2 trainees from Yuehua, Lee Eui woong and Ah Hyeong seob. The 2 former Produce 101 trainee has been active for a while as a duo, and are now waiting to debut in an official group.

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