How Did Knet React To TWICE’s “100% Live Performances” On Music Bank?

One of the most anticipated comebacks of June is TWICE’s ‘Taste of Love’ album with the title song “Alcohol-Free”.

Besides the quality of the song, netizens are interested in a ‘sensitive’ topic associated with TWICE: Live singing skills. Accordingly, they expect to see if the JYP girl group can improve when the group has been involved in many controversies related to the 9 members’ live singing skills.

After TWICE had their first live performance with ‘Alcohol-Free’ on Music Bank yesterday, this stage has become a hot topic on Korean online forums. However, surprisingly, this time it is no longer because of sarcastic comments, but a praise for the efforts of the 9 members when they have shown more stable live singing skills and their hard work has been rewarded.

Right from the opening of Nayeon, if you listen carefully to the music and voice of the female idol, you will realize that TWICE is singing 100% live. Nayeon is also the most praised member for her stable live vocals, good expressions, and eye-catching choreography. The 2nd member is Sana, when she has delivered a very stable performance that is worthy of fraised.

The members are all amazing!!! They sing live well!

I like this stage, I guess they practiced a lot

Sana is beautiful and sings well.

Nayeon is the center right? She dances well and sings well.

Jihyo and Nayeon are still good, but Sana is really surprised. Fighting!

Seriously… The kids all have a hard time but they still have a strong spirit and their skills have also improved a lot. TWICE is always so cute.

I think this song suits their voices very well. TWICE has a lot of songs with very high pitch..

Well, Tzuyu did a good job too.

Nayeon sings well!!

This time they really honed their skills ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ Good job, stable singing!

I was shocked because I realized they were actually singing live.

Wow, Sana really surprised me, she sings really well.

TWICE worked hard and did well. But I bet the antifans will come along and downplay the group’s efforts with lines like ‘Of course they should sing better because this song has a low tone’.

A few days ago, many people were still mocking TWICE on Ellen Show that they didn’t sing live, but let’s see what they have to say this time!!

I’m a fan of another group and I can tell they’re singing live and they’re doing well TWICE’s anti will come and mock the group for lip-syncing and not knowing how to sing live, but now you can rest assured because the group has already proven it.

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