This K-Pop Girl Group Dance Move Is Considered “Weird” by Korean Netizen

In the Kpop world, there are many familiar dance moves that we can easily see in many songs of different groups and singers. Recently, Korean netizens pointed out that there is a move that appears a lot in girl group choreography but most fans don’t like it.

The movement mentioned here is the “dog paw” dance. Many famous groups from 2nd to 3rd generation have tried this move, typically Wonder Girls with “Like This”, SNSD with “Gee” and “Lion Heart”, Girl’s Day with “Ring” My Bell”, Oh My Girl with “Windy Day”, TWICE with “FANCY”,….

The dance is still considered an odd move by Korean netizens today. Many people complain that this move is neither pretty nor cool, and if done wrong can look very funny. Therefore, the Korean audience could not understand why Kpop choreographers liked this move so much.

“Agreed, I really hate this dance I can’t understand why they had to include the choreography”

“It’s not just girl groups, but the dog paw dance itself is so weird..”

“Really, SNSD’s dog paw dance in ‘Lion Heart’ is so weird”

“This is one of those dance moves that I always wish both female and male idols wouldn’t have to do”

“The dog paw dance looks cool if danced well, but most female idols’ legs have very little muscles so it’s easy to look funny when dancing”

“Hate this dance in “Lion Heart” horrible”

“The dog paw choreography of female idols I only think Oh My Girl’s ‘Windy Day’ looks good, the rest is weird..”

“Why does TWICE’s choreographer like the dog’s paw dance so much??? I personally hate it. Please stop doing this tác”

“Park Jin Young must really like the dog paw dance… It’s been used by Wonder Girls since the time…”

“I hate it. TWICE is so pretty that they have to dance this weird choreography”

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