Signs Showing That Stray Kids Hyunjin Is Still A Part Of The Group

Hyunjin (Straykids) was caught in a school bulying allegation not long ago. Afterwards, the idol posted a handwritten letter apologizing for his ‘improper actions’ during his school days. In addition, JYP confirmed that the male idol had met the person who posted the accusation and sent a direct apology and hoped for forgiveness. On February 27, JYP announced that Hyunjin will also be suspending activities in the entertainment industry.

Although Hyunjin and JYP both took sincere actions to resolve the incident, the effects of the controversy still affects the idols image. Some K Netizen still wants the idol to leave the group, but the company still shows sign that Hyunjin is a part of Stray kids. Most recently, a Knet posted an article that compiled a series of evidence showing that JYP is constantly “teasing” signs that Hyunjin will soon make a comeback with Stray Kids.

On the 3rd anniversary of Stray Kids’ establishment (March 2021), JYP uploaded each member’s official doll cartoon image. In it, the doll character Hyunjin is crying and being comforted by other members.

In the show ‘Kingdom’, the members went to make rings and got 8 rings (they did this while preparing for their stage and Hyunjin’s ring also appeared on the screen)

During Stray Kids’ jacket concept shoot, they put Hyunjin’s (Jiniret) official doll in Felix’s hood and even wrote a caption about it (Caption meaning: ‘Caught Leebit and Jiniret’ ).

In the finale of ‘Kingdom’, there were 7 members performing standing on the back of the dancer and Hyunjin’s position was left blank (far right)

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