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TO1 (TOO) Faced Multiple Scandal In 1 Day: Throw Away Fans Gifts, Dating Under-ages?

Rookie idol TO1 members Chan and Kyungho are now facing criticism online for several accusations posted by an anonymous Twitter user, @gigachan18, though the account has since been deleted after the tweets became widely circulated.

First, the name TO1 faced a wave of heavy criticism after photos accusing a member of throwing gifts and tearing up fan letters were widely circulated on the Internet. Specifically, on June 12, a Twitter user posted an article with the caption, “Does TO1 have to throw away fan gifts?”. In particular, this person’s post specifically mentioned member Kyungho in the hashtag section.

The photos attached to the aforementioned post show that the male idol has thrown away the jewelry designed specifically for him, as well as the short letters sent by fans to Kyungho. More importantly, the letter that the fan sent him was torn, and it seems that the fans had to try to put it together before taking a photo to post it.

Another TO1 member, Chihoon, got into another trouble when he was accused of dating an underage female idol. Chihoon’s rumored girlfriend is said to be Kim Doah (FANATICS), also a very popular former contestant on “Produce 48” (stopping at 23rd place). While Chihoon has reached the age of majority (born in 1999), Doah is still a minor at only 17 years old according to the international age calculation and 19 years old according to the Korean age calculation (born December 2003).

Chihoon and Doah’s dating rumors broke out when an account (believed to be a sasaeng fan of TO1) released a series of photos showing the two idols’ Instagram conversations. It is known that the above sasaeng hacked Chihoon’s Instagram account and traced the conversations between the male idol and Doah.

Chihoon: So pretty

Doah: Hing. Only fansigns left now

Chihoon: ㅠㅠㅠㅠ You’re so pretty today, I don’t know how many times I’ve shed tears..

Doah: Ha,,, It’s not over yet, so frustrating

Chihoon: Aigoo, just a little harder baby

Aside this, many olter allegtion came up, accusing TO1 of having a wine party while the COVID-19 epidemic was still complicated. In addition, many people also accused this rookie boygroup of sharing fancams of female idols, bringing their girlfriends to the dorm, introducing members to other female idols, etc.

“Compared to throwing away gifts, tearing up letters makes me feel more angry”

“There’s a reason for not being able to work forever”

“There have been 3 explosions so far. Throwing away fan gifts, dating rumors with Kim Doah, holding a drinking party at 2 am… All of this happened in just one day. ..”

“Are there many cases of adults dating minors in the celebrity world? Wow… what am I reading”

“There’s only a fansign left but it’s not over yet, it’s frustrating”…. What’s the point of seeing a fan?”

“The fansign isn’t over yet so it’s annoying……???? What should their fans do ㅜㅜ Even if they’re really dating, don’t talk like that It’s a place where fans spent money to attend anyway attend”

“I was shocked when I saw the way two idols born in 1999 and 2003 talked ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought 2 middle school kids were dating”

“Dating + Share fancams of female idols with each other + Hold a drinking party at this time + Throw away gifts from fans. Also introduce members to female idols of other companies.. Flirt with girls normal girls have pretty looks.. This group is a mess”

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