StrayKids Is Preparing For A Comeback – Will Hyunjin Be Included?

According to media outlets, after the competition show kingdom has ended, Stray Kids is gearing up for a comeback with a digital single set to release sometime at the end of June.

JYP Entertainment officially announced this news on Sports Kyunghyang, “We are preparing for a release and we will tell you the exact date once everything is confirmed.”

In regards to member Hyunjin joining for this comeback, JYP stated:

“Once various matters have been confirmed, we will organize everything and let you know.”

Previously, JYP Entertainment announced that Hyunjin would temporarily halt all activities due to his school bullying incident. Since then, this is the first announcement from JYP regarding the Stray Kids member. It seems like there is a possibility that he will join the group with their comeback. But due to Korean netizen attention with school bullying has been raised again with the case of ITZY Lia, it seems like JYP have to assess the situation first before making any confirmation.

Aside from Stray Kids’ “Wolfgang” track from the show Kingdom, this will be their first comeback in about nine months.

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