Netizen Response To JYP Announcement Regarding ITZY Lia School Bullying Accusation

Following the accusation of ITZY Lia school bullying accusation being cleared of all defamation charges by the police, JYP has response with a lengthy message, believe that the police should re-open the case.

This tough response from JYP once again made fans trust Lia and believe that the female idol is not the one who acts as a school bully like a slander. However, on the other hand, JYP’s announcement could no longer make Knet trust. The reason is because according to JYP’s announcement, this company has lost the lawsuit twice and this is their third attempts.

Knet said suing against the accuser is a cheap trick and seriously hurtful, because the police has confirmed that the situation is ‘what the whistleblower went through. ‘. This is said to be just JYP’s attempt to save the idol’s situation. Knet believes that this act of JYP is an abuse of power, wanting to use the power of the big company to protest against the police despite the announced results.

In the mist of all, There are also a few Knet that said they will keep a neutral position on the case.

Crazy, they’re asking for a re-investigation… The victim will get hurt over and over again.

This company wants to sue a 22 year old kid three times?


Please stop JYP!!!

I will remain neutral on this case.

I feel very sorry for the victim…

Will they sue the victim until they reach the desired conclusion?

Please don’t go around talking about personality anymore!! Ridiculous!!!

JYP treats the public like fools!!!

This is so… disgusting ㅋㅋ If they’ve lost twice, they’d better admit it.

But if Lia is slandered, JYP will of course do it to the end.

Well ;;;;; So they are having a legal battle with ordinary people and trying to abuse their power?

How will they sue an ordinary person? They should have admitted in the first place as soon as the victim was cleared of charges. Now this ordinary person will have to endure the big law firm that the firm hires. It is excessive!!!

JYP is so cheap! As long as Lia admits her mistake and apologizes, she can protect her image in the future.

Honestly, I don’t think the outcome will change… Are they trying to buy time or are they aiming to harass the victim? Disgusting!

The results are clear but still want to sue. This time, JYP definitely wants to abuse his power to pressure the investigation to get results in favor of the company.

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