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Stray Kids Felix Found Another K-POP Idols Friend – TXT’s YeonJun

Yeonjun of TXT is known to have more than a few idol friends in his circle. While fans already know how close he is with Stray Kids‘ Changbin, Yeonjun recently revealed he was close with another member as well.

During the Double Trouble quiz on After School Club, TXT members have to guess the idol in the two photos and the song they are promoting for each picture, the winner will receive a tasty snack from the staffs.

Immediately after two photos of Felix popped up, Yeonjun called him by his Korean name “Oh, Yongbok-ie!

Yeonjun was even able to realise the songs they were promoting just from the photos, though he mixed up the order. Afterward, Beomgyu immediately corrected it and snatch the win.

Since the two had never been seen together, hearing Yeonjun mention Felix by his real name really shows how close the 2 idols are.

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