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The Dark Reality Of Nate Pann – When Female Idols Worst Enemy Is Other Woman

If you’ve been a Kpop fan for a long time, you probably know very well about the Nate Pann forum. Compared to other online forums in Korea, Nate Pann is known for posts and comments that are somewhat harsh and absurd. In particular, female idols are considered victims of frequent hate and attack by users on this forum.

Recently, it was the user Pann who spoke out to “unmask” the heavily offensive posts that have appeared on this forum, whose victims are famous female idols such as Sulli, TWICE, Jang Wonyoung, Son Naeun (A Pink)…. In particular, the person who wrote these harsh words is a woman, making Korean netizens believe that the biggest enemy of women is women.

“Why is Jang Won Young’s expression like that?” – She’s scary.
“”I don’t know if she’s pretty” – Honestly, I don’t think she’s pretty at all… She looks like a carp.
“Look at Suli’s face” – The members all smiled happily after winning 1st place on ‘Show Champ’, while she was the only one standing with her arms crossed like that. It’s crazy when she showed up with this face after winning 1st place”.
“”Dahyun humiliating others gif” – I’m really disgusted with the way she sneaks bullying, it reminds me of Nayeon; it seems like she wants to act like that because now She’s 22 years old, it’s too much.”
“The shocking case of Son Naeun’s plastic surgery failure” – She just appeared on “Knowing Bros” today, who did the surgery for her…”.
Comment was written in 2014) Honestly, doesn’t Sulli look normal? Looks like a fox. Does she look like the kind of person who likes to act like she’s trying to get attention and is extremely proud of it? Maybe because she’s called an SM princess, she thinks she can do anything just because people always pet her and say she’s pretty. Honestly, I don’t know what’s so beautiful about her.

(Same person left a comment in the same post in 2019) What did the woman kill her for? Why are people criticizing the girls on Pann when Sulli is the one who passed away? Hannam is the one who wrote the comments sexually harassing and hating on her. Yeah, I still remember it well, those Hannams cursed Sulli to death and they made a fuss with the sex-related comments, so why blame the women now? The standard is too low. That’s why we shouldn’t have any contact with the Hannams. Nate Pann has nothing to do with Sulli, but the girls on Pann are the ones getting scolded.

The above comments and posts appeared many years ago and have caused a lot of controversy. However, no netizen pointed out that everything has remained the same because so far, there have been posts with similar words aimed at 4th generation female idols, just different people. Using this Pann has done in a more “sophisticated” and discreet way.

“Raise your hand if you think ‘me too, if I’m taken care of I can have the same look’
“Of course you can.”
“Of course!!! I can too, as long as I wear makeup I’ll look the same”
“I can totally be like that if I lose weight, get makeup and skin care”
“As long as I lose weight”
“As long as I’m taken care of by SM”

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