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Will Aespa “Next Level” Be Able To Supass BTS “Butter” on Melon Hit 24h?

On May 17, aespa released the digital version and MV of the song ‘Next Level’. This is the first comeback of SM’s new generation girl group after the debut with the song ‘Black Mamba’.

Now, it has become the song with the best digital record among the rookie groups of Kpop. Even now, aespa has a great opportunity to usurp BTS and ‘Butter’ on the Melon 24 Hits chart – something many people have not even thought of before.

After more than a month of release, ‘Next Level’ still shows no sign of declining rankings but on the contrary is accelerating. Since the beginning of June, this track has started to compete with Heize’s ‘Happen’ and Oh My Girl’s ‘Dun Dun Dance’ in the top 4. However, the achievement is the most amazing and commendable. At 8 pm on June 16 (KST), it rose to No.2 on Melon 24Hits chart, beating Heize’s song ‘Happen’.

At the time of reaching No.2 for the first time on Melon 24Hits chart, aespa’s ‘Next Level’ recorded a unique listenership of 427,697 ULs, while BTS and ‘Butter’s No.1 position was 452,901 ULs.

This means that the difference between No.1 and No.2 is only about 25,204 ULs. For this reason, many people think that ‘Next Level’ is facing a great opportunity to usurp ‘Butter’ and take the top of Melon 24Hits chart within 24 hours.

A rookie group less than 7 months old, like aespa, can make a story on the Melon digital music chart, which is a hot topic discussed by Knet. Many people said that although this song was a bit ‘picky’ at first, the more they listened to it, the more addicted they became and thus ‘Next Level’ became more and more popular. Some netizens said that ‘Next Level’ is also becoming a trend on TikTok for a part of Koreans.

This song is really good!!! ㅠㅠㅠ

But this post is really good. The more I listen, the more addicted I get!!!

-I can’t get ‘I’m on the next level’ out of my mind.

I’m satisfied with No.2, I’m very happy!!

Hope they can reach No.1!!

SM finally has another song that’s accessible to non-fans. As a fan of SM, I’m so happy!

Wow, this group of rookies with 7 months of age is already too good!

Seriously, aespa is really amazing!!

I’m a fan of another group and I listened to it for fun but then I got addicted. I have to listen to it all the time and I think I have become addicted to this song.

Wow they’re already No.2? So top!!

-The ULs gap is not very high, I think aespa will reach No.1 soon.

It takes about a day to know if they can get to No.1, but ‘Butter’ ULs are also decreasing.

I bet they will reach No.1 soon, the song is great!!

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