Define Visual Style Of 3 Central Station’s Music Show MC – Which One Is Your Style?

Out of the 6 music shows currently airing in Korea, 3 are the most popular because they come from central stations including KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’s Inkigayo. Because it is a popular music show, stations also pay special attention to the selection of MCs for the show, usually Kpop idols or actors who are trendning and have a fresness image.

Recently, Korean netizens have compared the visuals of 3 Kpop female idols who are currently MCs for Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo. Many people want to find out if broadcasters have a certain taste in choosing female visual MCs

Music Bank (KBS) – Arin (Oh My Girl) – Pure, sweet style

Music Core (MBC) – Kim Minjoo (IZ*ONE) – Classic, lady-like style

Inkigayo (SBS) – Ahn Yujin (IZ*ONE) – Fresh, girl-chic style

Music Bank clearly has their own taste. When we see Arin standing next to Soobin, we can clearly see their taste.

Arin is so cute and pretty!

In the past, Inki’s MCs didn’t look very connected but now when I look at Ahn Yujin, Jihoon and Sungchan, they not only have good visuals but also harmonize and match each other.

Ahn Yujin is so pretty!!

I’m so glad I’m a fan of Oh My Girl and IZ*ONE, and both groups have really pretty and trending MCs.

-Kim Minjoo is so pretty as a picture.

Music Bank will choose MCs based on Korean tastes, the type of intimacy and people can’t hate. Music Core gives a classic luxury feel. Inkigayo likes freshness, cool and chic, and has to bring vitality and energy.

I’m not sure about Music Core, but Music Bank and Inkigayo definitely have their taste. The tastes of these two stations are opposite to each other. Music Bank likes the innocent and sweet image like first love… The two typical female MCs of this show who represent this taste are Shin Yeeun and Arin. As for Inkigayo, they like the image of a chic girl, a city girl, a bit mature and graceful, like Jisoo, Lee Naeun and Ahn Yujin.

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