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Netizen Opinion On G-Friend Yerin New Company – Very Different From Her Previous One

After G-Friend officially disbanded and simultaneously left Source Music – HYBE on May 22, Yerin was the first member to find a new destination. On June 17, Korean media reported that Yerin had joined Sublime Artist Agency (SAA).

Besides Yerin, Sublime Artist Agency currently manages many famous singers, actors and idols, including Song Kang Ho, Bi Rain, Hani (EXID), Youngjae (GOT7), Im Nayoung (former IOI member) ,…. Therefore, fans believe that this company also has a lot of experience and relationships to be able to best support Yerin in the future.

Sublime Artis Agency thank you letter to fans for help them protect their artist

Seeing all that Sublime Artist Agency has done for previous artists, fans and netizens alike have confidence that this agency will treat Yerin well. With this new stepping stone, many people hope that Yerin will grow more and more famous in the future in every field in which she participates.

“This company is doing great. Congratulations”

“Instead of saying that Sublime is an artist management company, I think they are more agency-oriented. Because as far as I know, they support activities very well”

“Sublime works great”

“People will understand if you watch Youngjae’s content. They do a good job”

“They give artists a lot of content. Sublime is a good company”

“Sublime is a company that will sue anyone when they see someone spreading false information about their artist, if they don’t delete it by the deadline, they will sue ㅋㅋㅋ Good company choice”

“It’s completely different from some Music company ㅋㅋㅋ”

“I’m a GOT7 fan and this company is really good.. If someone posts a bad post about the artist, they will immediately warn me, besides, the content and V Live are also flooded ㅠㅠ The old company is true It’s not a big deal but it’s a big company anyway so I was worried when my contract ended, but now I’m completely happy with no regrets at all ㅋㅋ

“I hope both Yerin and the rest of G-Friend will be more successful”

“Sublime is a good company. They let their artists do a lot of activities. I also hope my bias will return to this company if the contract with the current company is terminated”

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