Why Stray Kids BangChan Refuse To Post His Shirtless Photos From Kingdom Performance

 During StrayKids iconic last performances from Mnet‘s Kingdom, fans get to see a very different side of Stray kids leader Bangchan

In one particular moment from the performance, Bang Chan takes his shirt off, reveal his amazing physique, and put on a wolf fur jacket while rapping.

Needless to say, STAYs aren’t getting over the performance until this day. During Bang Chan’s recent live broadcast, a fan asked him to reveal “The picture” – which is a picture he took of himself from that performance. At first, Bang Chan was flustered and reveal he won’t post it due to embrassment, he didn’t forget to teased his fan by flashing the photo really quickly.

After a moment of deliberation, he changed his answer, saying he would post it when he’s ready…in 5 years. Although he was given the green light by JYP, he just can’t bring himself to post it as he’s still insecure about himself, to the point that the can’t even rewatch the performance.

Fans just can get enough of Bangchan cute reaction when mentioning the topic, Looks like STAY will have to wait patiently for the leader of Straykids to get comfortable!

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