Stray Kids Lead The Chart As The Gen 4 Group With The Most Music Video Views

Recently, a Twitter account has compiled the view count of all Kpop Generation 4 idol group Music Video. The Data was collected from all music released on Youtube with the letter “MV” in the title.

Accordingly, Stray Kids lead the chart with 23 music video released, accumulating a total of 1,2 billion views. Follow up it’s the group label mate – ITZY, with 1,1 billion views with just 6 MVs. The others 3rd, 4th and 5th place are (G)-iDLE with 12 MVs, TXT with 22 MVs and EVERGLOW with 7 MVs.

The data was released not long after Stray Kids Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix, and Seungmin dropped a fun vampire-themed music video for a new track titled “Up All Night.” The song was co-written by Bang Chan and Changbin, The leader of Stray kids also co-composed and arranged the track.

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