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Will BLACKPINK And Taylor Swift Collaborate Soon?

Coming soon on August 8, BLACKPINK will celebrate 5 years since the group’s official debut. On this special occasion, YG also started teasing a special project called ‘4+1 PROJECT’.

Many fans believe that the group will have other special things for fans in the near future, especially new music products. And recently, fans are even more excited when there are rumors that BLACKPINK and Taylor Swift will have a special collaboration. The source said that it is expected that this music product will be part of BLACKPINK’s upcoming ‘4 + 1 PROJECT’ to celebrate their 5th debut anniversary.

These rumors made fans even more excited when they discovered that choreographer Kyle Hanagami – who has a close relationship with BLACKPINK, recently started following Taylor Swift on Instagram.

Obviously nothing is confirmed right now but if this happens… The world will turn upside down for sure!!

Super cool!! Rosé often talks about Taylor Swift before.

Wow, this collab is going to be awesome!!!

OMG I see a lot of international fans talking about this news… I hope it’s true!!

I don’t think Taylor Swift will do feats with Kpop idols, but I also expect this to come true.

Well, can BLACKPINK be at the top of the Billboard chart too!!

Recently female artists’ collabs are trending now so this could really happen.

Just wait until it’s officially confirmed… It’s not too late to celebrate when it’s official, isn’t it?

But it’s not easy for Taylor Swift to collaborate with anyone else… Can we wait for the official news?

Would love to see this happen… And this is just my personal preference but I’d love to see BLACKPINK collaborate with Post Malone too.

If it’s the real Taylor… Let’s go to the Grammys together!!!

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