ITZY Lia Make Netizen Angry For Continuing Promotion Despite Bullying Scandal

On June 16, ITZY scheduled to attend an online event for high-end fashion brand Burberry. While it was not surprising that the girls attended the event as they had previously promoted Burberry, many were shocked to see that member Lia was also present amid the ongoing school bullying scandal.

Knet criticized JYP and Lia for being stubborn about scheduling in the middle of the controversy. However, images of the ITZY members still appearing with the full lineup were shared online, including Lia’s solo shot. This makes netizens both shocked and angry when they don’t understand why the female idol can still ignore the scandal to go on a schedule.

On June 20, ITZY had a fansign event in the form of offline (limited participants) and online (via video call). This was definitely not a pre-recorded event, and so Lia’s appearance once again became a hot topic on Korean internet forums for making Knet feel extremely angry.

I guess Lia continues to be active because she’s so confident… I don’t get it either…

She used to look so cute, but now…

I feel sorry for the victims!!

Really thick face!! Looking very happy and proud even though the scandal is still unresolved.

What is shameless, from company to idol.

JYP, stop talking about personality, never…

Are you mentally strong?

I got goosebumps…. The way she smiles like that to her fans even though they already know it all…

She looks so happy after ruining other people’s lives.

Lia must be the thickest face idol in Kpop!!

Other celebrities, when involved in controversies, will often stop working and have their schedules cut. And Lia is still happily going to attend one event after another, where is the shame?

The police denied it, but JYP still firmly sued, then happily let Lia go on schedule as if nothing happened. This company please have some integrity.

But everyone else is on hiatus until the case is cleared up. What’s wrong with this girl?

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