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Rumor Line Up For Mnet “Queendom” Season 2

In 2019, Mnet first aired the TV show ‘Queendom’ – where 6 Kpop female artists competed against each other. Despite many controversies, no one can deny that ‘Queendom’ has brought Kpop groups that are struggling to find their place closer to the public eyes.

Recently on the Pann forum, a user posted an article saying that this is the expected line-up of Mnet’s ‘Road to Queendom’ and ‘Queendom’, scheduled to air starting in 2022. And although this is It’s just a rumor that has not been confirmed, it is enough to becom a hot topic among netizen.

The ‘Road to Queendom’ rumored line-up includes:


Secret Number

Cherry Bullet


Weki Weki



Meanwhile, the line-up of ‘Queendom’ will include famous and highly recognizable Kpop girl groups. Together, they will create an attractive competition to assert their level. ‘Queendom’ rumored line-up includes:



Brave Girls



In tNeedless to say, K net find groups find ITZY and aespa to be least likely to appear. that’s understandable because SM is usually not interested in survival shows. For ITZY – the girl group from JYP, they have already established their position to the public. However, it is hard to confirm anything, when boy groups from big companies like iKON (YG) or Stray Kids (JYP) also agreed to participate in ‘Kingdom’.

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