Netizen Can’t Support APRIL After Learning This Fact

Yesterday (June 22), part 2 of the exclusive interview with APRIL continued to be announced by Sports Kyunghyang, quickly creating a stir in the Korean online community. Continuing the sharing in the previous part, in this part, 4 members Chaewon, Naeun, Yena and Jinsol revealed their personal diaries as well as psychological counseling records to prove that they did not bully Hyunjoo, and they are the victims.

But despite all those efforts, APRIL was once again exposed by netizens for lying. There are at least 3 details in part 2 of the interview that Korean netizens consider completely different from what was previously made public. The lies exposed again and again have caused the Korean public to completely distrust APRIL and their management company, DSP Media.

In addition to the unreasonable details that have been exposed, Korean netizens also pointed out two statements that they consider the most frightening after hearing APRIL’s answers.

The first is what APRIL sent directly to Hyunjoo. Since this scandal first broke out up to now, APRIL has not once apologized to Hyunjoo, although there is a lot of evidence that she has really been isolated to the point of making extreme choices.

“We want to accept an apology from Lee Hyunjoo who caused all this, and we want to tell you that you have to close this on your own.”

The second scariest point in the opinion of Korean netizens is Yena’s diary line. At that time, Hyunjoo tried to commit suicide and was taken to the emergency room, forcing APRIL to urgently change to a 4-member lineup to perform on a music show. Even if APRIL didn’t know about Hyunjoo’s suicide at the time, the members claimed they did after the bullying scandal broke out. Therefore, the Korean online community couldn’t help but be indignant to see Yena still use her diary as a tool to blame Hyunjoo without any sympathy.

“The first time there were only 4 people participating in the music show. Only changed to 4 people less than 2 days, so I was confused and made mistakes. I was very worried. As soon as I stepped off the stage, the members cried all the tears she had held back for a long time. Today is also a sad day.”

“I feel that Yang Yena quoted the diary entry of the day Hyunjoo was absent from the stage because she was taken to the emergency room after attempting suicide and said that because there were only 4 people on the stage, she was extremely Fatigue is the scariest thing.”

“This group is hopeless. Instead of saying sorry Hyunjoo, we didn’t mean to hurt you, we didn’t know you were so tired that you tried to commit suicide, we misunderstood you,. .. then they asked Hyunjoo to apologize first. Don’t want to see this group again”

“What trash ㅋㅋ Yang Yena still hasn’t apologized to the victims who were bothered by the noise between floors, right?”

“Of course in all of this neither side is 100% completely wrong, but the point here is that these girls don’t show any remorse at all. It feels like they’re thinking it’s because at the moment. We were young then so things like that can happen, why are we making such a fuss now… That’s why the public can’t support you.”

“I’m worried they’ll hurt Hyunjoo, it’s scary ㅜㅜ What a personality…”

“I dug my own grave… Now I feel sorry for even cursing them.”

“Since I’m not an insider, it’s hard to understand the whole thing, but at least apologize for the misunderstanding, sorry for being young at that time, so I wasn’t mature enough. Looking at the stance given by APRIL it feels like they didn’t do anything wrong. It’s scary..”

“I was neutral at first but now it’s over… Hyunjoo fighting”

“Even if you want to believe it, you can’t believe it. Let’s say you didn’t know it then but now you know that Hyunjoo tried to commit suicide. If you knew about it, it’s normal for people to think about it. will we feel regret and guilt first?But even now you guys don’t even apologise, refuse to admit you’re wrong, but instead ask Hyunjoo to apologize? Isn’t that human??”

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