Netizen Debate On Whether TWICE Will Remain As A Group After Their 7 Years Contract Ended

TWICE is undeniably one of the most famous and successful girl groups in Kpop history. During 6 years of operation, the group has set up many impressive achievements and records, becoming the rare group with both high public popularity and a strong fandom.

As their 7-year term is getting closer and closer, netizens on an online forum in Korea recently also passionately discussed whether the TWICE members will renew their contracts.

One netizen explained why TWICE will most likely have a choice that will disappoint many people, Some people agree with the opinion:

“I’m not saying this with malicious intent or anything, but I have a feeling like TWICE members don’t want to promote anymore, they seem so tired, TWICE members are always scrutinized by millions of followers and almost always criticized for everything they do The members’ physical and mental health has also declined a lot. I feel the members won’t renew their contracts with JYP because they’ve made a lot of money over the past few years and they have Lots of experience.”

However, on the contrary, many other opinions believe that TWICE does not have too much personal influence to be able to do solo activities, and if they want to continue their artistic activities, they need to be together for a while longer. In fact, if compared with other groups of the same time, it is easy to see that TWICE has very few individual activities. This is said to come from JYP’s orientation after drawing lessons from the case of Suzy and Miss A.

“But TWICE is still popular as a group more, the influence of each member is not really big enough. If they want to continue working as a celebrity, then I think they have to reunite. end and stay together”

“I really feel the fatigue of the members these days…”

“In an interview, TWICE once said that they want to retire and leave the entertainment industry at its peak. Also, I feel Jeongyeon needs to rest more to fully recover. her herniated disc”

“It feels like some members will renew their contracts but others won’t”

“TWICE is very popular and their track record is also very good so if they don’t re-sign, JYP will definitely suffer a big loss”

“Then can people stop hating on them? If I were TWICE, I would never re-sign. They get so much hate for their singing problems and even personal attacks ㅋㅋ They really are saints when they don’t make it obvious that they don’t want to promote anymore while people keep hating and criticizing them”

“There isn’t a member of TWICE that really stands out as an individual, so I think they should still be together”

“I’m sure TWICE won’t renew their contracts, they’ve been criticized too much for their singing”

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