#BLACKPINKdisband Created After A Group of BLINKs Made Vulgar And Insulting Word Towards BTS Member

Recently, there has been a feud in the K-pop fan community on Twitter. Specifically, some “toxic” members who are said to be fans of BLACKPINK have made vulgar and insulting words to the global group BTS.

The story begins when a few Twitter accounts on Twitter Spaces, which allows users to create or join live audio rooms on the platform to chat together. This is inherently a comfortable and convenient space for users, especially for Kpop fans when they can discuss different topics about their interests, but there are always some negative elements.

Specifically, taking advantage of the private chat space on twitter, The “toxic” fans made a statement about Jimin (BTS) being a male homosexual. Everyone in the group was very excited about this topic, even laughing and gloating.

Not stopping there, they also talked about RM (BTS) sexually abusing Lisa (BLACKPINK). It even emphasized this information many times, and others added that because of this, the BLACKPINK member also had a baby with the leader of BTS.

It can be seen that these accounts have made baseless lies for the two members of BTS. What makes the online community even more angry is their joking attitude when it comes to damaging the honor of others. BLACKPINK suddenly became the focus of criticism for no reason, even though the girls themselves were dragged into this situation.

In response to the rude and gratuitous story set by this group, many netizens created the hashtag #BLACKPINKdisband on Twitter to express their anger and disappointment, and also to punish “toxic” individuals

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