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BTS’s Instagram Account Suddenly Posted Misleading Image – ARMY Are Furious

At midnight on the morning of June 23, fans discovered that BTS’s official Instagram account (@bts.bighitofficial) posted a story with a very strange photo. In the photo is a bedroom with a corner shot of the bed, and in the left corner of the photo someone’s foot can be seen – the person taking the photo. Based on the person’s toenail polish and the shape of his feet, many people guessed the picture was posted by a woman.

Soon, this story was also deleted immediately, but it was too late. The photo has been captured and shared in many places, in the confusion of fans when the group’s official account may have a problem of posting such a photo.

Many Knets are angry that Big Hit staff could make such a serious mistake. Specifically, a lot of ‘passersby’ (or maybe BTS’ antifans) don’t know that the @bts.bighitofficial account is just the company’s account. They think this is an account that members also have the right to use, and from there speculate that this ‘incident’ was caused by a member who posted his personal photo. Furthermore, the photo also has sensitive details such as a hotel bed, a woman’s foot, and something on the bed that Knet is arguing whether is ‘condom’ or ’embroidered logo’ of the blanket’.

In addition, this is not the first time BTS’s official Instagram admin has been negligent. Previously, this same account also accidentally leaked a part of the song ‘Life Goes On’ even though the song was not released and had to be deleted immediately. Knet believes that BTS is now globally famous, but the company’s staff is still not working to match the group’s level and sensitive incidents still happen.

Many speculative comments have appeared. Again, this is a corporate account. The members don’t use it and they just use @bts_twt!!!!

A picture of a hotel bedroom, something sensitive, a woman’s foot… How could such a serious mistake be made?

With just a picture like this, there are already a lot of people saying malicious words. What if it’s a more private photo? BTS’ image will be seriously affected. Big Hit is so irresponsible!!

I just wish they let the person who posted the photo quit looking at the mess of comments here.

I’m fed up of HYBE staff making mistakes and hiding somewhere to avoid responsibility.

Why does this company have so many mistakes? Just now was the Weverse delivery, now the staff posted private photos?!

I can only say that BTS is already at a high level but Big Hit’s staff is not responsible and has the same working attitude.

This picture… um.. is it a picture of a woman’s pedicure and a hotel?…

Fans can laugh it off because it’s the staff’s fault, but malicious people will deduce it!!

This is a picture posted at midnight in the morning. Why did she log into the group’s account at that hour and then post it by mistake?!!!

This is the company’s account, but not everyone knows. They will think it’s from a BTS member and cause a lot of malicious rumors.

Big Hit wake up, please!!!

It’s really tiring, please don’t ruin BTS’ image.

This is not the first time, before that the admin also leaked a part of ‘Life Goes On’.

Honestly, everyone can make mistakes, but this is not even the first time. Is it accidental or intentional?!! This is an official account of a famous music group there. What the hell is the company doing? Please stop letting this person run the group’s Instagram.

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