JYP Entertainment Officially Confirm Stray Kids Huyjin Will Return To The group

In early February of this year, Hyunjin was caught in a scandal when victims accused the Stray Kids rapper of being a school bully in middle school.

Then, JYP Entertainment released a statement that Hyunjin had personally met the victims in the past to sincerely apologize to them. Victims also agree to resolve misunderstandings, accept apologies, and cheer each other on in the future. The male idol took a break from activities to reflect.

It’s been about 4 months since Hyunjin hiatus. At midnight on June 26, winner of “Kingdom” Stray Kids released their digital single “Mixtape: OH”, in which Hyunjin suddenly appeared.

Afterward, JYP Entertainment made an official statement to the media regarding Hyunjin’s future activities. They have announced that he will be joining Stray Kids for their future schedules from July 2021 onwards. “Starting from July, Hyunjin will rejoin Stray Kids’ scheduled activities. He will show a more serious attitude and more mature thinking during his promotions.”

Full statement from JYP:

Regarding the past times in middle school where he gave people around him wounds due to his rough language, in February, he has met with the people who could confirm their identities, and apologized, resolving the misunderstandings and they have agreed to cheer each other on in the future.

Hyunjin has since been reflecting on the past and in order to look back on himself, he had stopped his promotions as a member of Stray Kids. During that period, he took the time to continue the volunteer activities and donations that he has been carrying out since the early days of his debut.

Hyunjin, who sends his greetings through this digital single, will be joining Stray Kids in July for their schedules and he is determined to show how he will promote with a more upright attitude and maturity


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