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1 Member of Aespa Is Being Treated Like Invisible By Korean Media

After their recent comeback with ‘Next Level’, aespa is rising to become a new generation girl group with top popularity. They have achieved impressive digital music achievements even though they are only 7 months old, and are currently being sought after by the media.

Sometimes the problem of ‘missing’ members will still happen for K-pop groups with many members, but this is confusing for a group with only 4 members like aespa. Many fans have the feeling that the media is completely ignoring the group’s member Giselle.

In fact, Giselle was repeatedly exposed to the press about the group’s photos. In some photos taken at performance group events, the newspapers only chose to take and publish photos as if the aespa had 3 members except Giselle.

One of the worst cases ever happened when the main rapper used to be completely blurred out of some photos. This happened because the reporters might have thought that Giselle was just the backstage staff, so they blurred her face along with the other staff.

At last year’s SBS Gayo Daejeon, SBS Now’s Instagram page also posted solo shots of all the members on their Instagram accounts — with the exception of Giselle.

Fans also pointed out that this not only happened to the press but also extended to aespa’s televised appearances. In May, Giselle’s talent show was cut from ‘Weekly Idol’. In June, the female idol’s cover song was also cut from the show ‘Knowing Bros’ even though it was shown in the teaser clip for the broadcast episode.

Currently, the fans are very angry because Giselle has been repeatedly seen by the media as a “leftover” in the group for no reason. Across Twitter, the MY fandom is trending the hashtags #RESPECTGISELLE and #aespa_is_FOUR to make a statement supporting Giselle and asking for respect for aespa’s 4-member lineup.

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