Korean Netizen React To HyunJin Return In StrayKids New Mixtape.

on June 26 at midnight KST, Stray Kids released a teaser image that included Hyunjin’s name along with a music video for ‘Mixtape: OH.’ As soon as these contents were released, fans took to social media to share their joy as they saw Hyunjin’s name.

Although STAYs are completely overjoy by the member appearance, it is no deny that not everyone is happy. Specifically, Korean Netizen are still having problem with HyunJin past scandal.

On Korean online forum the quoo, many left their comment reacting to Stray Kids mixtape. The author of the post left a comment:

I don’t link the video because I don’t want them to get more views

In the comment section, Korean netizens are baffle by JYP decision, calling the company shameless of letting Hyunjin come back with the group. One comment even doubts if the stray kid’s member has really apologized to the victim. It has been known that JYP often preaches about valuing the personality of their idols, and this action from the company has contradicted their word. It should be noted that bullying is a very serious issue in Korea, celebrities who have been accusing of this often lost their career and being shun by the public.

In a different perspective, Hyunjin has show his remorse and take action to resolve the issue with the victim. With continuing to be a public figure, it is understanable that he will receive some backlash for his past, but time is the solution for Hyunjin to show a better side of himself and improve his image in Korean Netizen eyes.

But did he really apologize to the victim? I’m really curious

Then what will the children think? “Even if I bully others, I can still succeed…”

He and his fans are really shameless

Those who like Hyunjin won’t open their mouths to curse April, right?

Wow, his fan is a bit over the top. I even posted a hashtag congratulating me back… disgusting

I hate JYP and SM… Shameless

Poor fans of the other members

JYP is a trash company

Is he the most popular in the group? If he leaves the group, the group will be ruined right?

JYP stop talking about personality


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