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Lawyer Reveal That Cube Receive $3.6 Million Dollar For Selling Lai Guan Lin Contract

Former Wanna One member – Lai Guanlin – on June 17 officially shared his joy by winning the lawsuit against CUBE company after 2 years. Specifically, the incident stemmed from Lai Guanlin’s discovery that CUBE had sold the male singer’s exclusive contract to a third party as well as forged documents without him or his relatives knowing.

Although the victory belonged to Lai Guanlin, until today, June 29, netizens were still surprised when another information was revealed. The Information was reveal from a lawyer in the industry, 2 months after Wanna One’s debut, CUBE sold the management rights of Lai Guanlin in China to a third party, Tajo Entertainment, and earned $3.6 million USD.

As a result, Tajo Entertainment has control of the schedule and exclusive rights to all of Lai Guanlin’s entertainment in China. This means that the male idol cannot perform any schedule without the prior written consent of a third party.

With the above behaviors, CUBE still stood firm and decided not to let Guanlin cancel his contract. Fortunately, after 2 years, the Seoul Central District Court found that CUBE had violated the contract and lost confidence when transferring management rights without Lai Guanlin’s consent. Tajo company recovers $3.6 million paid to CUBE.

Idols are human too, don’t treat them like a commodity.

Still, he hasn’t let go of Guanlin for the past 2 years Wanna One’s maknae has worked so hard.

CUBE is the worst company in Kpop.

How can this company still exist?

CUBE always has the processing phase going underground, so disappointing.

On the surface, he is a pet chicken, but he secretly sells it to the company for a profit.

-Idols aren’t things that you want to sell and sell, but stealthily, CUBE is too much, isn’t it?

Not only Guanlin, many artists under CUBE are treated badly.

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