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A Member of EVERGLOW Is Suspected Of Being Mistreat by a Staff

Recently, such an incident happened with girl group EVERGLOW and caused a stir not only among the group’s fans but also quickly spread to many other fandoms. On June 30, the EVERGLOW members had a live broadcast on V Live to interact with fans.

Fans pointed out that they could clearly hear a man’s voice yelling at a woman while the EVERGLOW members were doing V Live. His scolding even shocked a EVERGLOW member. Based on what they have heard, fans quickly speculated that the woman being scolded in the above situation is Aisha – the member born in 2000 who currently holds the position of lead rapper and sub vocal of the group. EVERGLOW. Meanwhile, the man who yelled at Aisha is said to be a male employee of the management agency Yuehua Entertainment.

More importantly, the aforementioned controversial video of EVERGLOW has been completely deleted by Yuehua Entertainment, and this move makes fans even more suspicious that something is wrong. The EVERGLOW fan community has banded together to trend hashtags like #ProtectEverglow and #WhatsHappeningInThisVLive from Twitter to Instagram or V Live, along with angry messages about the situation. Some fans asked the management company Yuehua Entertainment to clarify the incident.

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