Fans Discover BLACKPINK New Song Has Been Registered Copyrighted in the US – Are The Girls Ready For A Comeback?

In recent days, rumors about BLACKPINK’s comeback have been constantly appearing. Among them, Ready For Love is an equally curious name when appearing at the encore part at the concert stage of The Show. Most recently, on the evening of July 2, fans also discovered that the song “Ready For Love” was registered on BMI – a copyright unit in the US.

The photo was quickly circulated by fans. Notably, in the author credits, Jennie and Jisoo appeared together. However, this part of composing is very similar to the song “Lovesick Girls”. This leads to two questions: Did the two BLACKPINK girls continue to participate in the process of writing lyrics and composing the new song “Ready For Love”, or is this just a fan product.

Although the information that Jisoo and Jennie participated in composing the new song “Ready For Love” has not been officially confirmed, but with the previous premise, fans have the right to hope this is true and look forward to the quality of the product. . About Ready For Love, fans quickly passed on an audio track that was said to be a draft of the song. This audio version actually existed many months ago but became hot again after fans discovered that Ready For Love appeared on The Show.

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