Netizen Are Angry At JYP For Neglecting One Of Their Artist – Treated as Invisible

Not long ago, JYP Entertainment made their Japanese fan community very excited with the birth of “JYP JAPAN POPUP CAFE 2021”. At this event, JYP will sell many dishes designed specifically for each of their groups and artists, the list of artist include Park Jin Young, 2PM, TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, NiZiU.

After learning about the menu, No one can explain why DAY6 was also “left out” by JYP in the list of artist that will receive their own signature dished. This incident made the online community even more angry when they realized that JYP Entertainment has been discriminating too heavily against DAY6 in the past.

An angry fan shared:

“Honestly, DAY6 is not the biggest income earner for JYP but the company needs to know how great DAY6 is; honestly, how many are there? people in the idol industry don’t know who DAY6 is??.. There are a lot of idols who sing DAY6’s music at their own fansign events, and DAY6 would surely be popular if they weren’t in JYP.. ㅋ I’m really angry The company doesn’t even let DAY6 participate in variety shows or simply promote DAY6 when they come back ~ㅋ Honestly, I feel so jealous when I see idols other from JYP ㅠㅠ”.

Previously, when appearing on a radio show, Park Jin Young mentioned all of JYP’s artists from Stray Kids to ITZY, TWICE,… but didn’t mention DAY6 at all. Fans are also disappointed when JYP don’t invest in DAY6 promotion when they have a comeback. Because this incident has happened many time, K netizen demanded JYP to treat the group the way that they deserve.

“Why would JYP act like this? If I were JYP, when ‘She Was Pretty’ is a huge hit, I’ll definitely push DAY6 as hard as possible. Don’t they know how to make money? Please push the group a bit. I’m a fan of another artist in the company and even I’m annoyed”

“Please treat DAY6 better”

“I’m a STAY (Stray Kids fandom name) and I feel sorry for DAY6 too”

“No but ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Park Jin Young forgot about the company’s artist while putting his name on the top of the menu, it’s funny”

“When DAY6 first debuted, JYP announced that the group would follow the path of an indie band, so the company refused to put them on variety shows, so the members had to use their skills. themselves to develop their own fandom They rarely release new products but their goods are still selling well, and then JYP decided to put them on TV shows ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The company doesn’t promote for DAY6’s comeback but their concert tickets always sell well, what a dream”

“It’s crazy. I’m a fan of another group in JYP but I really hope that JYP will treat DAY6 better. JYP will definitely regret it if they don’t treat DAY6 better”

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