Actor Jisoo Forgive His Accuser + Ji Soo’s Legal Reps Share Update On Sexual Assault Scandal

In March of this year, Jisoo withdrew from the drama “The River Welcomes the Moon Rises” after writing a handwritten apology for the bullying scandal in middle school. The actor broke up with the management company KeyEast and is conducting an independent legal battle.

On July 6, Jisoo’s legal representative said that the man who spread rumors that Jisoo had sexually harassed his wife was confirmed to be a person unrelated to the actor.

It is known that the author of the post is a newly enlisted soldier, and during the investigation, he admitted that the content of the post was untrue.

The lawyer explained, “The author wrote a handwritten apology to Jisoo, and he asked for leniency because he was serving in the army, his mother was fighting cancer, so Jisoo accepted his apology.”

Lawyer Moon also said that in addition to this post, the vast majority of posts accusing Jisoo of school violence containing false details were deleted after the legal side stepped in to initiate a defamation lawsuit.

Jisoo denies accusations such as having chaotic* sex as a teenager, having sex with a middle school girl in the bathroom and then filming it to show it to friends, sexually harassing female students to the point almost got dragged to court, forced male students to masturbate so that I could sit and watch entertainment…. etc

However, the actor’s violent behavior is mostly true and is considered the most serious among celebrity school bullying scandals. Perhaps, it will take a long time for the actor to return to the entertainment industry.

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