Former AOA member Mina To Halt All Social Media Activity After Recent Controversies

After the recent controversies, it seems that the former AOA member has felt tired. At the end of the livestream on July 6, Mina posted an article expressing her desire to live peacefully.

“I am very sorry about everything. I’m sorry for making everyone so angry that they had to leave all sorts of negative comments on my Instagram. 10 years of suffering is enough torture for me. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore. I want to leave everything behind, then reflect on myself now.”

Currently Kwon Mina has locked comments on Instagram. Recently, the former AOA member has been the topic of attention from netizen by being accuse of stealing boyfriend, afterward, AOA fandom has released statement mention about the inconsistency in Mina statement regarding AOA bullying scandal. During an hour of livestream, Mina mentioned many different cases, including admitting her mistake in the scandal with ex-boyfriend Yoo, to her own obsession due to being sexually assaulted in second grade, she also mentioned that AOA former leader Jimin is a s*x addict.

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