Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And SEVENTEEN Vernon Are Apparently Close Friend – This is Their Story

In the latest Vlive, Stray Kids Leader Bangchan revealed his close friendship with SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and shared a funny anecdote of how they became friends.

Bang Chan recalled and how a same-age member of the M.O.L.A crew introduced them and caused a funny misunderstanding. He said, “I actually didn’t know that Vernon was a year younger than me. I got to know him ’cause of JAIME, so I thought we were [same-age] friends.”

Bang Chan shared how he and Vernon became fast friends from dropping honorifics as same-age friends typically would. He continued, “I thought he was a ’97 [liner] as well, so we’re friends. So we spoke informally, and we’re just very, very close.” But he didn’t find out until later that Vernon was actually a 98 liner. The leader of Stray kids was shocked after learning this fact, but as their friendship has grown a lot, they decided to continue to speak informal.

In the end, the mix-up not only brought Bang Chan and Vernon closer together but it became a funny memory to share. It was enough to make everyone love how amusing the two friends are.

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