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BTS “Butter” Got Chosen To play At EURO 2021 Finals Spark A Wave Of Controversies

After a 1-year delay due to the COVID-19 epidemic, UEFA EURO 2020 – one of the most interested football tournaments in the world, officially took place in June this year.

UEFA EURO 2020 organizers recently started a poll on Twitter, asking the online community to choose the song they would like to be played in the final matches that take place at Wembley Stadium. A total of 4 candidates were included in the voting list, including BTS’s “Butter”, Louis Tomlinson’s “Kill My Mind”, Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and Usher’s “Yeah”.

No surprise, BTS “Butter” quickly surpass others to lead the chart, but, controversy broke out as fans of other singers started flooding into BTS’ official social media accounts and leaving hateful comments.

in the end, despite many controversies, the survey of UEFA EURO 2020 still ended with the final victory belonging to the only representative of Kpop. One Direction’s fan community is extremely disappointed and angry with this result. They reacted on social media that Louis Tomlinson received as many votes as BTS, and demanded that both “Butter” and “Kill My Mind” be played at the final matches of the EURO. Then, the UEFA EURO 2020 organizers announced that they would add all four of these songs to the playlist to play at the last three matches taking place at Wembley Stadium.

This information was then spread on many online forums in Korea, stirring up a wave of anger in the Korean online community when many people spoke out in defense of BTS. A series of comments expressed frustration and could not understand why BTS was the subject of such heavy criticism and disparagement while they were completely at fault in this incident.

“If you’re so angry, you should try and vote more ㅋㅋ Why are you taking your anger out on BTS?”

“I wonder if they would decide to play all 4 songs if the first place winner wasn’t BTS”

“Why is this reaction so extreme? And why target BTS, do they vote for themselves or decide to play ‘Butter’ or something?”

“Just protest, BTS’s song will still be played at EURO in the end and those malicious comments will continue to be recorded in history”

“Plastic surgery? BTS doesn’t have plastic surgery at all

“If Korea held such a poll, we would never terrorize other artists’ social media accounts.”

“No matter how much hate, BTS is still at the top of Billboard for 6 weeks straight”

“If that’s the case, then why vote in the first place ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There must be something, it’s frustrating”

“Playing all 4 ㅋㅋㅋ Then football won’t have to go to the semi-finals and finals, all 4 teams are 1st place ㅋㅋㅋ”

“I don’t care about anything else but being gay and getting plastic surgery is just too much…”

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