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GOT7’s Jackson Wang Fanclub Is Furious Because Of A Segment On Chinese Reality Show

“Go Fridge” is a food and talk show program licensed by Tencent from JTBC’s “Please take care of my refrigerator”. Recently, the drama that happened in episode 3 made many fans extremely angry.

Specifically, The team has prepared some props for players of the teams to use, As the leader of the group, Jackson Wang (GOT7) accepted the challenge of putting a horse hat on his head and kneeling on the ground, then the actor Vin Zhang suddenly climbed on Jackson’s back, shouting “Let’s go, let’s go”. Notably, there was a moment when the chinese actor threw the cloth forward, asking Jackson Wang crawl forward to find this cloth. Because he could not see the road, Jackson had to struggle in this task.

After episode 3 was broadcast, on MXH, Chinese netizens fought fiercely. Many people think that the section has degraded and smeared the image of the artist. However, there are still people who defended the production team, claiming that it was Jackson Wang who suggested playing this horse riding game. Currently, Jackson Wang’s fandom has announced that the broadcast has seriously damaged the artist’s image.

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  1. Jackson’s job is basically to be a clown. That’s what he based his whole career on : shouting, overreacting, throwing himself on the floor, doing everything to get attention and have the cameras on him, rather than on anyone else. JYP let him build his solo career at the expense of GOT7, one of the most talented groups ever.


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