List of K-pop Girl Group Member Who Participate In Mnet Survival Show “Girl Planet 999”

In less than a month, Mnet’s new survival reality show “Girls Planet 999” will officially air. This is considered a “new version” of the “Produce 101” series that has made waves in the past, bringing together trainees from 3 countries Korea, Japan and China.

On July 8, Girls Planet 999 “Prologue” video has reveal some girl groups member that have debuted (or are about to debut this year) participating in Mnet’s new survival show.

1. Yujin (CLC)

2. Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)

3. May (Cherry Bullet)

4. Bora (Cherry Bullet)

5. Seungeun (BVNDIT)

6. Yeseo (Busters)

7. Rayeon (FANATICS)

8. Doah (FANATICS)

9. Chiayi (FANATICS)

10. Sunwoo (Evermore Muse)

11. Hyerim ( Former member of LIMESODA)

12. Seoryn ( Former member of LIPBUBBLE)

Debuting with CLC in 2015, Yujin is considered the most veteran idol to participate in “Girls Planet 999”. The fact that Cube Entertainment has announced that they won’t be supporting CLC activities made netizen believe that’s the reason why Yujin decided to find another path on Mnet survival shows.

In another note, Cherry Bullet has up to 3 members participating in Mnet’s new survival show. With nearly half of the group’s lineup competing at “Girls Planet 999”, fans are now wondering if the remaining 4 members will be active until the show end as a sub unit or not. Similar to Cherry Bullet, FANATICS also has 3 members participating in “Girls Planet 999”.

“Girls Planet 999” will air its first episode at 8:20 pm (KST) August 6.

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