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Netizens Are Angry At NCT Dream Jaemin For His Response on Weekly Idols

Most recently, Jaemin of NCT Dream continued to become the focus of condemnation of the Korean public when NCT Dream appeared on the show “Weekly Idol”. All the idols participating in this program were asked to fill out a personal profile sheet, where they answered simple questions from the production crew. Specifically, some of the answer made by Jaemin doesn’t sit well with netizens.

Name: Na Jaemin

Nickname: Nana

Personality: Quiet

Habit: Can endure for a long time

Hobbies: Watching Youtube

Special ability: Silence

Strengths: Quiet

Weakness: Quiet

My TMI: Wearing the same clothes every day

I can beat OO (member name) on this point: All members are noisier than me. I can surpass them in keeping quiet

OO ability (member’s name) that I want to have: Lee Mark’s positive energy

Something I’ve been interested in lately: How can I go home earlier?

After seeing the profile board that Jaemin wrote on “Weekly Idol”, Korean netizens can’t help but wonder why he became an idol when all he cares about is just wanting to return home early. With a series of attitudes controversies breaking out recently, many people think that Jaemin in particular and NCT Dream in general seem to be becoming too arrogant now that they gained popularity.

Netizen also compare the case of Jaemin with another controversial SM artist – Irene of Red Velvet. In the past, when appearing on Weekly Idols, Irene was also fiercely criticized for leaving most of the questions on the profile page blank, while the rest of the questions were also answered by her very superficially. At that time, many fans also spoke out to protect Irene, and then 2 years later she was entangled in a big attitude scandal that caused both her image and career to collapse.


  1. I don’t think it’s such a big deal, what i’ve seen i that he’s a introverd, a introverd enjoys spending time alone, at home and being quiet. He’s just a typical introverd like me


  2. Seriously, most of the time(not always) it’s because of Korean fans that they feel bad. They’re humans but are treated as if they weren’t born from their mother!? They have organs too, emotions. Na Jaemin never asked to be an idol, he did it because his mother told him it would be good for him, his mother is the most important person in his life. So yes, he has the right to want to go home earlier, he can also miss his alone moments. He probably miss his parents a lot, he’ve been trough so much. Fans are not gods, masters or teachers. No one have the right to tell them what to do or not but their manager, parents and themselves. I’m getting very angry these days because of those stupid scandals made by bored people who can’t take school hard life anymore.


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