Rumor Surrounding Mnet Survival Show “Girl Planet 999” – IZ*ONE Lavie En Rose Will Be Performed By CLC Yujin?

After the popular series “Produce 101” came to an end after 4 seasons due to the vote rigging scandal, Mnet now continues to conduct another survival show called “Girls Planet 999”, with the goal of creating a group female members include members from 3 countries Korea, China and Japan.

Immediately, rumors has been about the show before it even aired Accordingly, like the “Produce 101” seasons, the first round of “Girls Planet 999” is expected to see the birth of an “Avengers Team”, consisting of 7 prominent contestants of the show: Choi Yujin (CLC member), Heo Jiwon and Kim Bora (Cherry Bullet member), Kang Yeseo (former Busters member), Chen Xinwei (trainee of Yuehua Entertainment), Sakurai Miu (who participated in “NiZi Project”), Lee Hyewon ( trainee under BEATMEDIA Entertainment).

Another Rumor stated that the members of “Avengers Team” will perform “La Vie En Rose” – IZ*ONE’s debut song, in the first round at “Girls Planet 999”. This cause heated debate among fans as If these rumors are true, the performance group “La Vie En Rose” will include a member of CLC – who was the former owner of the song.

The “missing comeback” incident of CLC has caused quite a bit of controversy in the Korean online community back when it was revealed. The fact that this rumor started raised the question whether Mnet is trying to stir up a drama for the show. This will surely make fans very angry because everyone understands that “La Vie En Rose” is a sensitive topic for CLC members and fans.

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