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Fans Suspect A Future Collaboration Between BTS and Coldplay

On July 15, across the internet forums, news broke that Coldplay had performed a feat with BTS in an unreleased song. Accordingly, this track is said to be titled ‘My Universe’, which will be on Coldplay’s upcoming album called ‘Music of The Spheres’ (predicted title).

In addition, there are audio clips believed to be from the song ‘My Universe’ that have been leaked online. Accordingly, listeners can recognize the voices of Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Jungkook (BTS). And just like the rumors, the singing part supposedly performed by Jungkook is also in Korean.

On the same day, Big Hit Music gave a response to the media about Coldplay’s collaboration with BTS: ‘It is difficult for us to confirm the content mentioned.’ In addition, Warner Music Korea (Coldplay music distribution representative in Korea) also had the same response as Big Hit.

It is known that BTS and Coldplay have never had any collaborative projects before. However, the beginning of this relationship came from the fact that BTS covered Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ in the show ‘MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS’ aired in February 2021.

In addition, in a recent interview with PopCrush, Coldplay’s main vocalist Chris Martin shared about the possibility of collaborating with BTS. He said, “It is a fact that BTS is very popular even when only singing in Korean. They don’t always have to sing in English. I love them so much and so if there’s a song that’s right for us to collaborate on, I’d never say no.’

Oh my god, I only heard a small part of the song, but I found the song very good!!

Is that Korean? I’m crying!!!

BTS and Coldplay singing together is crazy!!

Did I hear something like ‘See you again…’ in Korean?

It’s Jungkook’s voice!!! ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

Recently there was news that Coldplay went to Korea? Probably…

Sounds great, want to hear more.

I think it’s Jungkook’s voice. Please confirm the news soon!!

Coldplay did indeed go to Korea and may have recorded this track.

Wow, Coldplay and BTS, get goosebumps!!

Oh my, it’s Jungkook’s voice!!!

Wow, so cool? Coldplay invites BTS to collaborate and it’s great that they can sing in Korean too oh…

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