Who Is The Most Popular Trainee in Mnet’s Girl Planet 999?

From the beginning of this week, “Girls Planet 999” – Mnet’s new survival reality show, revealed the performance video of the title song “O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)” by 99 contestants. With the format revolving around trainees from 3 countries Korea, China and Japan.

As of this morning, this survival show called “Produce 101 season 5” has officially announced profile photos and PR videos for 33 Korean contestants who will participate in the program.

Check out the profile of all the Korean participant HERE

Among the list of Korean Participant, surprisingly, the most popular contestant is TXT Hueningkai little sister – Huening Bahiyyih. she was born on July 27, 2004. Before the program even begin, Bahiyyih was already popular among the K-pop community. Bahiyyih showcased an interest in following her brother’s footsteps by auditioning with YG Entertainment last year and later for Belift Lab. She deleted the contents of her social media after being confirmed as a trainee. She has already started gaining a fanbase and has been trending on Twitter since then. Fans were waiting to see what she would do next and were pleasantly surprised when they saw her in the lineup for ‘Girls Planet 999’.

Currently, Bahiyyih introduction video on Mnet’s youtube channel has gather almost 500.000 views, far ahead from the rest of the contestants on the show

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