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Revealing the identities of the only 2 members company that oppose IZ*ONE reunion

Recently, the representative of IZ*ONE reboot project, Parallel Universe Project, made a very long announcement on DC Inside Gallery explaining to fans the effort they have put into the process of bringing IZ*ONE back to work together. As some fans may be disappointed in the outcome of this project, a representative of Parallel Universe Project has revealed the entire process of communicating with the management companies to show the attitude and conditions that each place has given.

A company

It is known that company A has strongly opposed the proposal for IZ * ONE to reunite since last year. According to another company representative, they heard that company A has received the songs for the new group’s debut album, and the members of the debut lineup have also been confirmed, so they think that A may made an announcement about the debut of a new girl group during the IZ*ONE reboot project.

B Company

Company B’s representative contacted Parallel Universe Project directly as soon as they submitted the first complaint. The Parallel Universe Project side affirmed that without the CEO of company B, this project would be very difficult to implement. B told Parallel Universe Project that they can call the company whenever they need help and are always actively involved in the project. B always agrees with the project and even when Parallel Universe Project makes unreasonable demands, they are still willing to cooperate as much as possible.

C Company

C is the company that focuses the most on the negotiation aspect of the project. C has provided Parallel Universe Project with a lot of specific information, although they are preparing solo albums of artists in the company, they are still waiting for CJ’s answer and refrain from giving any any comment. C is also advertising with a member of company B (haven’t signed a contract but just met to discuss). Company C agrees to the reunion plan, but Parallel Universe Project is not sure what specific conditions they want.

D Company

In D’s case, this company’s website was down until recently and the company’s address was difficult to find, so contacting them wasn’t easy either. However, after finding out, it turned out that the CEO of this company was a high school classmate of an acquaintance of a representative of Parallel Universe Project. So, Parallel Universe Project was able to talk to the CEO through this acquaintance. D’s CEO also agreed to reunite and wait for an answer from CJ.

E . Company

The CEO of company E is a former DJ with long experience in the industry. Not only are they close with the representatives of the Parallel Universe Project, but they also started working in the entertainment industry through the Vice President of the association who is helping with this project, so E has a very close relationship with Parallel Universe. The company actively supports the reunion and is also waiting for an answer from CJ. They always approve the Parallel Universe Project proposal and are one of the companies that project representatives can contact at any time.

Company F

Excluding the company of the Japanese members, F is the company that has the least contact with Parallel Universe Project. This is a relatively new company and the company representatives are not very experienced, so they have very few connections in the industry. Parallel Universe Project tried to contact them in many ways but it was difficult to contact the CEO directly. F told Parallel Universe Project that although they have positive thoughts about the reunion, they don’t expect too much. Even so, they still plan to support the Parallel Universe Project even if the project fails.

G Company

Company G is CJ (WAKE ONE). The CEO of this company is also the head of CJ’s music department, and when Parallel Universe Project met face-to-face, they were amazed at the information and motivation that fans got. Although it’s just a personal hunch, the company B’s representative also revealed that the CEO cares about IZ*ONE and will probably do his best to help.


Finally, there is the company of the Japanese members, where Parallel Universe Project is almost impossible to contact. Just like IZ*ONE’s company Off The Record, H is a company that only exists on paper, and because of COVID-19, Parallel Universe Project could not go directly to Japan and confirm with them directly. The Japanese entertainment companies that Parallel Universe Project is introduced to are not only extremely tight-lipped, but also have financial requirements that are difficult to accept.

From the facts mentioned in the announcement of the Parallel Universe Project, Korean netizens quickly deduced the identity of each company. Accordingly, A is said to be Starship Entertainment (the management company of Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin), B is Urban Works (the management company of Kim Minju), C is Woollim Entertainment (the management company of Kwon Eunbi and Kim Chaewon), D is 8D Creative (Kang Hyewon’s management company), E is WM Entertainment (Lee Chaeyeon’s management company), F is Yuehua Entertainment (Choi Yena’s management company), G is WAKE ONE Entertainment (CJ) and H are Vernalossom (the management company of Miyawaki Sakura, Honda Hitomi and Yabuki Nako).

In reaction to this news, Fans who wanted IZ*ONE to re unite are very angry, to the point that they destroy Yujin and Wonyoung photocard due to anger. On the other hand, Korean netizens said that without Starship’s efforts to prevent it, it is possible that IZ * ONE’s contract would have been extended and caused the members to continue to face malicious comments.

“The people who advocated restarting a cheat group like IZ*ONE from the start are no different from Ahn Junyoung”

“IZ*ONE has been a project group with a set date of disbandment since the beginning, I can’t understand why fans are complaining about calling for a reunion ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Those who call for a reunion are really selfish and only think about themselves, not even their favorite artists ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you guys really fans? Wonyoung when you were a kid ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you really fans? How stressful was it to be active with IZ*ONE that she lost her hair while she was still so young, but do you still expect her to continue in that state for much longer? Do you still want to see that scene? Do you still have a conscience?”

“There are still people who are looking forward to forming a unit except Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin. Please stop, don’t get in the way of the members”

“Starship is crazy to let Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin come back there? Of course, we have to try to get them to debut again under Starship, that’s normal thinking”

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