Korean Netizen Are In Shock At The Reaction Toward Stray Kids Hyunjin Return After Bullying Scandal

At the end of June, JYP announced that Stray Kids’ Hyunjin would return to activities in July this year, after about 5 months of rest and self-reflection. Since then, Stray Kids has released a new Mixtape featuring Hyunjin and confirmed their plans to return with an 8-member lineup in August of this year. In addition, Hyunjin also released a dance cover for Sam Tinnesz’s song “Play With Fire”.

Hyunjin’s return has brought great joy to Stray Kids’ fans, but that doesn’t mean netizens have the same reaction. A series of comments praising Hyunjin left on YouTube shocked K Netizen, especially when these were all comments written after the school violence scandal broke out.

Comment 1: I’m a 19 year old Deobi who just happened to pass by here but I also want to hear Hyunjin-nim call me “noona” once

Comment 2: I’m a fan of another group but I can’t stop laughing while watching this video video

Comment 3: Out of all the video calls I’ve seen, this is by far the most refreshing.

Comment 4: Ah, this guy used to perform “Psycho”, right… The difference between his on-stage and off-stage is really huge, isn’t it? Now all you need to do is join the fandom.. Let’s try

When compared to other idols who have been caught up in scandals recently, many people find the reaction to Hyunjin is completely different. While Irene (Red Velvet), Soojin ((G)I-DLE), Lee Naeun (APRIL),… are still being mocked and ridiculed non-stop even in posts unrelated to them. , Hyunjin received support from even “fans of other groups”, and this made the online community really shocked.

“Why do they have to pretend to be fans of other groups instead of confidently saying they’re Hyunjin fans? ㅋㅋㅋ”

“Wow~ Look at the comments at the bottom… It’s not just on Youtube, they’re defending him on Pann too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s really cool”

“Really jealous – There are still many fans who protect and love him endlessly even after being caught in the school violence scandal”

“The atmosphere is completely different from idols like Soojin and Lee Naeun”

“Dear Hyunjin fans, please don’t pretend you’re a fan of other groups – Say confidently who you really are”

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