Who got the highest PR video views in each group among ‘Girls Planet 999’ contestants?

On July 17, 18, and 19, Mnet’s new survival reality show “Girls Planet 999” revealed all 99 contestants who will compete in the show. Through the official profile picture and a PR video about 2 minutes long for each person. The views of each video can also be use to reflect the popularity of the trainees before “Girls Planet 999” officially aired.

As of the afternoon of July 20, Huening Bahiyyih – Huening Kai’s younger sister (TXT), is currently taking the lead in the YouTube view race, not only among the Korean trainee but also the entire contestants with almost 900,000 views. The difference between Huening Bahiyyih and the 2nd place – CLC member Choi Yujin, has reached more than 560,000 views. In addition, two former SM trainees, Kim Chaehyun and Ahn Jungmin, also received special attention when their views were in the top 6, surpassing many idols who have already debuted.

As for the Chinese contestants, Su Rui Qi – who went to the finale of “Chuang 2020” in 11th place, is currently leading the view (101.000). In second place was Zhang Lou Fei (93.000) , a former contestant of “Youth With You 2”, while the center of C-Group was Shen Xiao Ting ranked at 8th (53.000).

Ezaki Hikaru – the center of J-Group is the one with the highest number of PR video views among the Japanese contestants (136.000) . In second place with a not too big difference is May (110.000) – the youngest member of the girl group Cherry Bullet under FNC Entertainment.

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