Beijing Police Department Announce the Result Of Investigation Regarding Kris Wu Scandal

On the evening of July 22, on Weibo of the Beijing police, all details of the lawsuit between Kris Wu and hot girl Do My Truc were officially announced. This information quickly climbed to No.1 hotsearch

After taking the testimony of both sides and gathering evidence, the Beijing police stated the same:

  1. Kris Wu indeed used the reason to find female lead for his MV to meet up with women, specifically, Du Meizhu went to the event, get drunk and have intercourse with Kris Wu. The two were in contact from December 8, 2020 to April 2021.
  2. In June 2021, Du Meizhu and a friend with an account named “Luu Beautiful Classmate” discussed that she want to announced their relationship to get viral. from July 8 to November 7, Du Meizhu made 3 posts on weibo. On July 13, blogger surname “Tu” for the sake of self-interest, actively contacted Du Meizhu, after discussing together, the 2 agree to write articles to defame Kris Wu. Du Meizhu followed suit and published a number of articles denouncing movie stars It turns out he’s still here on Weibo.
  3. On July 14, Kris Wu’s mother accuse Du Meizhu for blackmailing and reported to the police . Soon after, the police conducted an investigation and find out that the man name “Luu” was the culprit, trying to trick both side for money. He was trying to trick Du Meizhu into signing the reconciliation contract and demanding money from Kris Wu. Later, the police has arrested the man.
  4. Regarding the fact that Kris Wu repeatedly tried to seduce young girls and related actions recently released on the internet, the police are still in the investigation process.

Currently, the scandal of Kris Wu is still one of the hottest topic in the entertainment industry.

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